Karnataka Youth Synodal Cross Journey – Year Of Youth 2019


Karnataka Regional Youth Commission General Body Meeting Report

10th March, 2019 : Karnataka Regional Youth Commission General Body Meeting was held at KROSS in Bangalore on March 10 th 2019.The Meeting began with Eucharistic Celebration presided by Rt. Rev. Henry D’Souza, Bishop of Bellary and Chairman of KRYC and at Ascension Church and other youth directors who come from different dioceses as well as religious communities concelebrated with Bishop. The Holy Mass started with solemn procession holding synodal cross led by Jai Joseph (President, KRYC) and followed by other diocesan representatives. After which all returned to the venue and had a short Tea Break.

The Meeting formally began by introducing each other to the gathering. Later, previous Gathering Report was read by Anushika (Secretary, KRYC). Thereafter bishop presided the crowd with his experience on the Synod held in October 2018 in Rome. He highlighted the role of Youth in the present Scenario and encouraged each one to take active role in the Society and bring transformation by having more positive outlook towards youngsters and loving them in their life situations.

Later Mr. Jose from Abide took over and announced the crux of the meeting that is Regional Youth Convention which is going to be held on October 24 -27 in Ballari. He highlighted some of the preparatory works which need a complete cooperation and support from each one. The following key areas were discussed:

1. Theme
The following proposals were made by the crowd:
• Eco Friendly
• Related to Synod
• Related to Spiritual importance
• Focus on Youth
• Youth Loyal to Church and Christ
• Youth caring for the Earth
• Sub themes could be Faith, Church etc.

A small committee was also formed to work on the theme comprising the members,
1. Fr. Lourd Raj
2. Ronnie - Belgavi
3. Nevin – Bangalore

However, with the help of Bishop we could finalize the Theme “Youth caring for the earth for a better World”
• In two weeks, a document with the final theme should be prepared by the above committee.
• Once the Theme is fixed, it should be posted on the Social Media sites for asking a logo and a Song for the Convention.
• This can be done as a competition asking for entries from each diocese and Youth groups which would be rewarded during the program.

2. Date
• 24th to 27th October 2019.
Concern was raised by AICUF that during these days the Autonomous College will have their End Semester Examination.

• The above dates are the days of Diwali therefore dates won’t clash with the exams; hence it can be assumed that the students will prepare in advance will make it for the Convention or at least for the last day.

3. Place
• Bellary

4. Committee
• There are two major Committees formed.
1) Core Committee (defining the program)
2) Finance Committee.

• All the Committees roles were described and a template is already prepared which defines the job for all the volunteers.

• The participants were asked to Voluntarily give their names for each committee.

• The committee details and participants who have volunteered for the committee is attached to the mail.

5. Registration
• 500/- Rs can be made the common fees or all the participants.
• 100/- Rs for all those who will come only for the last day. (Suggested by Bishop)
• Team can tie up with College and look for donation, if they would like to make any Advertisement about their College.

6. Resources Persons:
The following names mentioned as resource persons to forthcoming convention.
1. Justice Kurian
2. Maria Joseph
3. Sadguru
4. Santhosh Hegde
5. Rahul Dravid
6. Benny Prasad
7. Jose Sebastian
8. Sebastian George
9. Charles Bastian
10. Annamali IPS
11. Joseph Annakutty Jose
12. Sudha Krishnamurthy
13. Priyanka Mary Francis
14. Rahul Dravid
15. Priyank Karge

After having discussed about the convention, Sunil Prabhu took over the meeting to discuss about creative way of doing synodal cross procession in each diocese. To emphasize this, he gave some queries and asked the gathering to discuss in the groups based on their Diocese and the Youth Movements together to have cross journey in the most innovative way which involves as many youths possible.

Right after this time of discussion, Arch Bishop Rt. Rev Dr. Peter Machado arrived. He spoke on the importance of Cross in each of our lives especially during the time of Lent when we reflect on the cross and resurrection of Jesus. He also spoke about Vicarious Suffering wherein we voluntarily take up the extra mile for the others just as Christ showed in his life and at the end on Calvary. Later, Arch Bishop together with Bishop Henry blessed the cross and distributed the same to each diocese along with a booklet which explained the purpose and way of conducting the Cross Journey. He also handed over one cross to AICUF, Bishop asked them to carry the cross to all the Autonomous Colleges and conduct worship. At the end Bishop expressed his gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Jose for their generous contribution towards the Cross which were given away to each Diocese.

Post distribution of Cross, all moved for Lunch and during Lunch many gave their names to various committees in which they wanted to contribute for the Convention. After Lunch all the Diocese and Youth movements gave a 5 minutes presentation on the activities which they have been doing over the last one year. This was moderated by Vipin Paul. The names of the Coordinators or representatives who presented the reports are as follows:

Bangalore: Moses Alexander
Bellary: Nishi
Chickmangalore: Deepthi D’souza
Mangalore: Arcita D’souza
Gulbarga: Devendra
Mandya: Akash Thomas
Karwar: Michael
Belgaum: Maria and Ronnie Peter
Jesus Youth: Anushikha
Don Bosco: Sajeeth
AICUF: Kevin, Amrita and Jiselle
ABIDE: Vipin Paul
YCS Mangalore: Prajwal

After the presentation each group asked to present the result of their discussion. Each group leaders shared their points on the Cross-journey initiative. They were:

1. Gulbarga, Bellary, Belgaum and Shivamoga
- Youth along with Parish Council and Parishners start journey from Cathedral.
- Events: Night Vigil, Fasting prayer, Candle Light procession, Taizé Prayer, retreat and Confession.
- Carry the cross to Old Age Homes, Ashrams, Wards, Hospitals and Orphanages.
- Will begin on Palm Sunday.

2. Bangalore
- Way of the Cross on 17 th March
- Inauguration of the Cross at the Cathedral on 24 th March.
- Carrying to Religious Houses, Old Age Homes and sick.

3. Mandya, Belthangady, Bhadravathi, Puttur
- 150 No. from each Diocese
- Video on the importance of Cross by Bishop Henry for Media purpose.
- Anecdotes during the Homily in parishes.
- Cross to be venerated after Mass. Suggested date:14 th September 2019.
- Night Vigils and Taizé Prayers
- Use it during Way of the Cross.

4. AICUF and Jesus Youth
- Every month 4 events, participants would include College Youth and Faculty members.
- This initiative should target close to 3000 students.
- All the activities will take place on Weekdays and not weekends as college will be closed.
- Events like, Retreats, Jericho Rosary and Prayer cells to be included.

Final words by Bishop to conclude
1. 500/- Should be registration amount and for the last day 100/-
2. Mobilize from each diocese-
Parish with 50,000 people- 150-200 Youth participation
Parish with more than 50,000 people- 200-250 participation
Parish with more than 1 Lakh people- 250-300 participation.
Youth movements should have 150 Youth all the days and 500 Youths for the last day.

3. The following points to be taken care during Cross Journey It should be carried to each place either to Parishes or religious institutions in reverence.

The collection received during the cross journey should be used 50% for the diocesan youth activities and remaining 50% should be sent for the contribution for the Convention.

Encourage more people to contribute for this cause.

4. It should be a people’s events; hence whole Karnataka should be aware of this event through various means.

5. 1 st April the Registration should begin for the Convention. They should register from their parishes.

6. There should be a preparatory meeting that should take place on July1st week.

Sister Jessy Rita concluded the whole meeting by thanking everyone and making a small prayer and Song.



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