Bellary Diocese

“You have to DREAM before your dreams can come true”,

24th to 27th October, 2019 : “You have to DREAM before your dreams can come true”, quoting APJ Abdul Kalam the Youth were called to build a better world by Fr. Christopher Crasta, MSFS on the second day of Yucajanothsava held at Bellari from 24 th to 27 th October, 2019. Speaking on the occasion, Fr Rev. Fr. Praveen ofm exhorted the youth to Care for the Earth our common home in the Light of “Laudato Si” the encyclical by Pope Francis quoting his words, “If you destroy the creation, the creation will destroy you.” Bringing before the youth the present scenario of pollution, waste and throwaway culture, climate change, loss of biodiversity, environmental deterioration, expansion of the cities, global inequality, weak responses of politicians he inspired them to protect the earth.

Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier inspired the youth to go for U-Turn in their life by presenting to them the Ape mentality and App mentality and giving them alternatives such as saying no to corruption, to exploitation, to fake leaders and to discrimination and to duplicity. U turn from addiction to social media, sin of indifference, from unrealistic world, from duplicate spiritual life to realistic life. VS Ugrappa MLA Vidhana Sabha, Karnataka, deeply appreciated all the efforts of the Church to build up the power hidden in the youth. He called on them to be introspective and responsible regarding the challenges in the society which can be encountered proactively only by them.