Chikmagalur Diocese

Minutes of 24th ICYM Council Meeting

14th - 15th December, 2019 : Regional youth Office had organised ICYM council and Regional election on 14-15th December 2019, at CMSSS Hassan in Chikamagaluru diocese. Around 45 ICYM leaders along with their Directors and animators from the dioceses of Bangalore, Belgaum, Bellari, Belthangady, Chikmagalur, Karwar, Mysore Mangalore, Mandya, Gulbarga and Puttur gathered around 9 am at CMSSS, Hassan.

The Rexco team took over all responsibilities for two days programme. On the first day 14th Dec to the inaugural session Very Rev. Fr Ronald Cardoza the Vicar General of Chikmagalur diocese and resource Person of the day, Fr Marcel Pinto the Director of CMSSS, were invited together with Fr Lourduraj the RYD and Sr Jessy Rita BS the RYLA, Prajwal Lopez the Vice President of REXCO. Ms Lissy from Bellary led the prayer, Mr. Prajwal welcomed the gathering and Ms. Cleeta (MIJARC) compeered the programme. The council was inaugurated by watering the sapling in continuation with the theme of 11th Convention of Karnataka RYC.

The resource person of the day began his input by a participatory invocation song with the help of PP display as well as proclaiming the Word of God while simultaneously singing of the invocation song. He dealt the topic Christian Leadership based on the Biblical reference on the leadership of Nehemiah Chapters 2 to 6. The key points of this leadership were: to pray first, to include themselves with their people, to motivate people, generate team spirit, always to give God the glory, to stay with the goal, personalize tasks, not to quit, and to share the competencies. These hints were highly motivational to the youth leaders who had gathered to elect the next Regional REXCO team.

Mr Ronnie Peters from Belgaum proposed vote of thanks followed by Mid-day prayer by Fr Thomas Baros at 1.00 pm

At 2.30 pm the participants gathered in the auditorium for reporting on the youth activities of all the dioceses from September to December 2019 as well as action plan from January to December 2020, which began with an icebreaker and an action song.

The followings were reported as the events and activities organised in the diocesan level. Diocesan Youth conventions, Nruthyothsava, Shanti dootha, Jeevan Jyoti programme for X Std, seminars in various parishes, Live Way of the Cross deaneries, kala sourabha, get together for youth, youth camps, motivational talks, career guidance, day of adoration, taize prayer, day on Holy Rosary, Christmas get together, flood relief work, tournaments, intercultural parish, Marian walk, prison ministry, Gloria, the Christmas concert, night vigil, leadership camps, Thene habba (September 8th), youth Bible convention, participation in RYC, Youth Arise and Youth Connect, Bible quiz, Y-Shoot, youth retreats, youth march for Christ, Onam celebrations, cross journey, writing and drawing competitions by Chikmagalur, Mysore, Gulberga, Karwar, Bangalore, Belthangaday, Mangalore, Bellari, Puttur and Belgaum dioceses.

The report session was followed by the appreciation session of the outgoing REXCO Team animated by Fr Lourd Raj. Ms Cleta D’Souza, Mr Ronnie Peters, Mr Anil Kote, Ms Deepti Sophia, Mr Prajwal Lopez and Mr Sunil Dennis spoke their heartfelt appreciation as well as gratitude.

All dispersed for tea at 4.40 pm and the REXCO team had THRILLS with Chikmagalur DEXCO team from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm. All had free time from 5.00 pm to This was followed by the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 7 pm officiated by Fr Lourduraj and concelebrated by the DYDs after which the participants prayed Rosary. At 8 pm all went for Dinner and gathered at 8.30 for organized recreation. The Rexco team conducted team games and dances and thus there was a lot of fun and frolic. With few announcements by Fr Lourduraj and night prayer led by Sr Jessy Rita the day was brought to a close at 9.30 pm.

ICYM Council and Election, 15th December 2019
The second day of ICYM Council was sanctified by the blessings drawn through prayer and worship on 15th December at 7.30 am. Registration was increased to 65 members to the second day done after breakfast. Holy Eucharist was officiated by the Bishop of Chikmagalur Rt Rev. Dr Antonyswamy and concelebrated by the chairperson of youth commission Bishop of Bellari, Rt Rev. Dr Henry D’Souza and all the DYDs and other priests. The inaugural session was presided by Rt Rev. Anthonyswamy, the Bishop of Chimagalur and the chairperson of Youth Comission of Karnataka Rt Rev. Bishop Henry D’Souza gave the key note address empowering the youth to be the achievers and be agents of change in the society as well as in the church by their creativity and dynamism. The Vicar General Very Rev. Ronald Cardoza wished well the participants for committed, Christian and Catholic leadership. Mr Jai Joseph, the President of REXCO presented the minutes of the 24th Council Meeting held at Bellari in July and they were passed by the proposal by Mr Jerry Joseph from Bangalore Archdiocese which seconded by Leon from Mangalore diocese. Accounts of RYC were placed before and the clarifications regarding payments done by Bellari diocese and payments done by the Regional office were made by the chairperson, by Fr Lourduraj and by Fr Marie Joseph and they were approved by the audience proposed by Mr Joel from Puttur Diocese and seconded by Ms Krithika from Belthangady diocese. It was also brought to the awareness of the audience that the deficit balance would be met by the diocese in the course of time and the balance of the regional account is retained by the Regional office itself.

The book written by Rev Fr Francis Xavier the Secretary of KRCBC Bible Commission, ADMIRABLE SIGNUM was unravelled

The website of website was launched by Bp Anthonyswamy after the tea break.

Election of the office bearers for REXCO began at 11.45 am moderated by Rev. Fr Marie Joseph presided by chairperson Bp Henry D’Souza with a team comprised of Abide members Martin and Vipin and Ex Rexco members Mr Jai Joseph, Mr Sunil Dennis and Mr Prajwal Lopez.

The Attendance of the Diocesan representatives, DYPs, Lady animators, diocesan directors was ascertained. The bylaws of ICYM office bearers’ eligibility was read out. 36 voters were counted for the 16 posts. Fr Lourduraj was confirmed by announcement that his vote will be valid in the case of occurrence of a tie. The electors were also made aware of their responsibility to discern in electing an office bearer with regard to availability and efficiency in heading and representing the Rexco team President. The volunteered candidates were given an opportunity to canvas and introduce themselves followed by the election by casting of votes in the given ballots. No of Ballots tallied with the no of voters and the ballots were read out. Jason won 27 votes and and Sujith won 09 votes and Jason was declared as the new President of REXCO for the following two years. He expressed his gratitude for the electorate body.

The significance of Boy and Girl Rep post was highlighted saying that he or she has to represent the CCBI on account of which the candidate has to be from the Latin Rite diocese. Only Ms Ancita from Mysore diocese volunteered to the Girl Rep and after a brief self introduction ballots were distributed for the secret voting. Ancita won by 34 votes and two ballots were with NOTA according to which Ancita was declared as the Girl Rep of REXCO.

Mr Maria Sebe Mathew volunteered and made a self introduction and unanimously elected by voice vote and declared as the Boy Rep of REXCO team.

For the post of Secretary Ms Krithika from Belthangady diocese and Ms Vibha from Chikmagalur diocese volunteered and after a brief self introduction ballots were distributed and votes were cast. Number of ballots tallied with the number of voters. Krithika was won by 23 votes and Vibha won by 13 votes and Krithika from Belthangady diocese was declared elected as the Secretary of REXCO.

Treasurer post was filled by Lijo Jacob from Puttur diocese who was unanimously elected as there was no other contestant.

Vice President post was contested by Mr Ben Reuben from Karwar diocese and Sujith from Bellari diocese. As per the normal procedure of election Ben Reuben was won by 21 votes and Sujith by 15 votes and Ben Reuben from Karwar diocese was declared elected for the post of Vice President.

For the post of Spokes person Ms Vibha’s name was proposed unanimously and Ms Vibha from Chikmagalur diocese was declared elected by voice votes as the Spokes person of REXCO team.

Mr Sujith from Bellari diocese was unanimously elected as the Joint Secretary-1of new REXCO team.

Ms Sandhya from Belgaum diocese was unanimously elected as the Programme co-ordinator and Ms Sheetal from Mandya was unanimously elected as the Vice President-2 and Mr Praveen from Gulberga was unanimously elected as Joint Secretary -2

Fr Baros, DYD of Mysore as the DYD Rep and Sr Blessy of Belgaum diocese as the DYLA were unanimously elected for the respective posts of new REXCO team.

Further election of MIJARC candidates was carried on after a brief introduction on the significance that they the candidates to have an agricultural background and their performance in their respective diocese who will members of the Regional council and they will work under the guidance of RYD. For the post of Boy Rep of MIJARC Mr Prajwal Lopez from Karwar diocese and Mr Jerry from Bangalore Diocese contested the election. Ms Deepti Sophia from Chikmagalur diocese and Ms Lizzie from Bellari diocese contested for the post of Girl rep of MIJARC. According to the usual procedure of election Mr Prajwal Lopez won by 23 votes and Jerry by 13 votes and Mr Prajwal Lopez of Karwar diocese was elected as the Boy rep of MIJARC. Ms Deepti Sophia won by 25 votes and Lizzi by 11 votes and Deepti was elected as the girl rep of Mijarc to REXCO team.

The election for the representative of ABIDE was proposed in the person of Mr Onil Andrade of Udupi diocese the outgoing regional spokesperson for the new REXCO team. His consent was taken and was declared unanimously elected for the same post. Mr. Sanjo was elected as the treasurer of ABIDE.

The elected new REXCO team were brought forward for a photograph and the chairperson spoke on the significance of the election recalling the service of famous election commissioner who had departed recently.

Before concluding Mr Martin of ABIDE briefed the participants to take part in the online Bible quiz that was taking place on the day.

Two guests Mr Kiran and Mr Pradeep from Chikmagalur were introduced to the participants who appreciated the days’ election and spoke highly on his association with catholic institutes. He offered ice cream to the participants and more significantly the services of his upcoming convention hall at our disposal.

A token of gratitude to outgoing REXCO team was then held by the RYD by honouring them with a shawl and a garland by the chairperson. The new REXCO team was given a lighted candle and were welcomed and confirmed to their respective office. Oath was taken by them with lighted candles which was administered by chairperson Bp Henry D’Souza who asked them to focus on increasing the membership of ICYM in all parishes specially in the interior parts of Northern Karnataka and monitor them. Encouraged the participants to download the KRYC app.

The REXCO journey was displayed through video 5 minutes. The Meeting was concluded by a photo session at the lawn of CMSSS.