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MIJARC Karnataka National Movement
Women’s Empowerment Through Skill Traning Programme
Place: Carmel Vocational Training Institute, Bidar

Report of the Skill Training Programme
​The MIJARC Organization one day Skill Training was organized in Carmel Vocational Training Institute, in the following skills.

The programme was started with the registration. The 80 participants enrolled their names for one day skill training. After the registration each trainee was given a notepad and a pen. The programme started with an inauguration followed by a prayer service. Fr. Mari Joseph, the Chaplain of MIJARC Karnataka National movementy, Fr. Victor Vas(Diocesan Youth Director), Fr. Wilson Fernandez, Sister Christine Misqutih A.C. Principal of CVTI , Sister Freda A.C. Maria Nilaya Convent Superior , Sister Suhani A.C., Mr. Anil Kote, Sister Olivia(DYLA), Mrs. Veena Bahadur, Mr. Subhash (DYP)Mr. Nagsheety from Saharda NGO and the Resource Persons were present for the Programme. Fr. Mari Joseph explained the purpose of having Skill training by MIJARC organization. Mrs. Veena Bahadur gave a very good motivational talk to the participants.

Preparation of fast food Training:
Mr. Jaisurya, a resource person from Saharda Training Center gave the training in preparation of fast food. The participants learnt how to prepare the fast foods like Gobimanchurian, Mirchi, Uppitu and Vegetable Palav. They also learnt the methods of cooking of fast food by practically done what they learnt. Overall all the trainees benefited much more from this training.

Flower Decoration Training:
Flower Decoration skill was trained by Sir Raju and his team. Preparing of different types of bouquets, stage decorations, tying the balloons in different and creative ways. The trainees were really felt happy to learn this very useful skill. They themselves prepared flower bouquets and arranged the stage for a birthday party. The trainees were much interested in learning many things in this skill. They expressed that this skill will help them to earn in the future.

Food Preservation Training:
This skill was given by the team of Resource Persons from Horticulture College, Bidar. In the beginning of the skill training, the talk on the Food Preservation was given by Mr. Tippanna.

The training was given about the preservation of Jam, Mixed Fruit Jam, Tamato Ketchep and juices. All these items were practically prepared and shown in the kitchen. The methods of preparing these preservation of food items were explained in detail to the trainees. The needed items for the preservation of food were noted down by the trainees. It was very helpful and useful skill for the trainees.

Preparing Artificial Flowers Training:
The trainees learnt about the skill of preparing the artificial flowers. Sister Suhani A.C. was the Resource person for this skill. The trainees were taught how to prepare the artificial flowers by using the cloth and they also learnt to arrange the petals. Each participant prepared the flowers on their own and arranged them beautiful vases. All the trainees appreciated for arranging the useful skill which will help them to gain in the future.

Nursery Management Training:
The Nursery Management training was given practically by Mr. Shanker, the resource person. The trainees were taught how to plant the tree, what quantity mud, sand and manure to use in the beginning of planting. The trainees under the supervision of the resource person planted the Rose plants, Mango tree and Blackberry tree. The skill was very useful for the trainees. The trainees also learnt grafting. They were taken to the gardens and shown how to take care of plants.

Doll Preparation Training:
Doll making training was given by the resource person Mrs. Shilpa B.E. It was very useful training for the participants. The trainees learnt about doll making. In this course they learnt cutting and stitching of the shapes of the dolls. They were made known about the doll making materials like doll’s eyes, nose, cloth etc. The trainees taught how to prepare different types of dolls. This skill was explained in detail and notes were given so the participants understood it well and prepared their own dolls. The prepared dolls were so beautiful and trainees felt very happy. In the future, the doll making skill will help the trainees to earn the money.

During the training they were given refreshments, lunch and Tea. At the end of the day, the participants shared their experiences during the evaluation session. The certificates to the participation were distributed to each trainee. The skill training programme was concluded with the message, vote of thanks, prayer and blessing by Fr. Mari Joseph.