Bangalore Diocese

Back Evaluation Meeting of National Youth Convention - 2017
12 March, 2017, Bengaluru: Evaluation of National Youth Convention - 2017 from REXCO and Abide members of Karnataka took Place at Regional Youth Office. The meeting started with reading of the Gospel passage and reflection at 9.00 am. Regional president Vipin welcomed the gathering. Michael the joint secretary presented the previous REXCO meeting report then Evaluation of National Youth Convention-2017 took place. There were 18 members from REXCO and Abide.

Opinion from REXCO and ABIDE Members

Positive feedback:
• Programme was well organized
• All committees worked very hard.
• Food was served on time.
• All youth delegates appreciated and enjoyed the days in Diocese.
• Promotion of NYC was good.
• ABIDE members worked collaborated well.
• Security was well planned.
• The attendance of delegates was good throughout the event
• Transport and documentation team did commendable job.
• Liturgy committee worked and organized all rite mass well and on time
• NYC Cross journey had impact on youth as well as reached across Karnataka
• The Promo videos from the Diocese, Region and National office were spread throughout country
• Animation committee enthralled the energetic youth
• Revelation Bands' performance was mesmerizing leading all nearer to God
• Fr. Franklin lead a beautiful night vigil
• A well setup and decorated stage and Pandal with a good ambience of venue which uplifted the charisma of NYC
• Presence of all the cardinals from 3 Rite, Bishops and Priests and Religious for the event was spiritual blessing
• NYC Kit bag was attractive as well as durable
• LED screens provided better visibility of the functions
• Light and sound at the main venue and last day venue were arranged well with good clarity and quality
• Beautifully designed logo which goes with the theme
• ICYM app gave youth friendly touch and everything regarding NYC was updated
• College campus created a good ambience for the NYC

Points to Improvement:
• Registration and control room could be near the venue
• General body meeting was not planned well
• Welcoming, Reception and Hospitality towards guest were lacking.
• Momentous for Committee members, NEXCO, REXCO and DEXCO was not given at the venue
• News coverage remained local
• Accommodation was not planned well
• Lack of planning
• Lack of volunteers
• Volunteer’s preparation meeting would have been done one or two day before the Convention
• local lay people was less on the final day
• Theme song was late.
• Much more coordination between NEXCO, REXCO and DEXCO would been possible
• Volunteers were not friendly with delegates
• Accommodation for nuns and priest was not done well
• NYC dates were not planned properly, so participation was less.
• Few members of DEXCO REXCO and NEXCO were late