Belgaum Diocese

Back YCS / YSM Leadership Training Programmes November 2012

The leaders and office bearers of newly formed YCS/YSM units came together at three venues, namely St. Antony’s School Hall, Camp, Belgaum, St. Michael’s School Hall, Keshwapur, Hubli and St.Joseph School Hall, College Road, Dharwad on 7th, 8th and 9th November 2012, respectively for a day’s training on Leadership. The Resource Persons were Rev.Fr. Charles Menezes, [National Chaplain YCS/YSM India] and Miss. Jovita D’Souza, [National Secretary YCS/YSM India]

The programme began with a short prayer and introduction of the said topic. With a little ice breaking session where students of various school units introduced each other and was divided into smaller groups for better participation. With the ice breaking games, the basic qualities of a leader and the choice of a good leader were spelt out. They were made known that the leaders are either elected, selected, self appointed or emerged from among the groups based on the environment and given situation. Then through a power point presentation the role and difference of a leader and manager was clarified.

How the leadership is more valuable than the manager was understood and the participants were asked to take up leadership roles than managerial roles in the units and schools. This topic was linked with the example of Abraham Lincoln of America who became the President of America after a series of failures. Through the Ant Philosophy the major aspects of leadership qualities were understood and then the groups were sent for group discussion on the role of YCS/YSM office bearers in school unit, home and society in general for an action plan. The participants made a list of things where they can get involved in those situations and plan for a better leadership role in the given situation. Finally a video was shown on how good works become contagious if taken in the right spirit and participants were encouraged to take part in socio-action oriented activities with human values.

Some of the participants shared their views on the days training as how it has helped them to understand the leadership role in a better perspective with a positive attitude. Rev. Fr. Roshan Santhmayor the Diocesan YCS/YSM Chaplain welcomed the participants and thanked all the Heads of the institutions and Animators for getting their students for this training. At Belgaum 55, at Hubli 51 and at Dharwad 35 student members took part in these programmes.

Rev. Fr. Roshan Santhmayor,
Jt. Secretary, Youth Commission [YCS/YSM]
Belgaum Diocese