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The 9th All Karnataka Salesian Youth Convention

21st - 23rd September, 2018 : The 9th All Karnataka Salesian Youth Convention was hosted in Don Bosco, Yadgir from 21st – 23rd September. “Youth for Peace and Harmony” was the theme of the convention. Over 420 youth belonging to the various Don Bosco and Auxilium institutions from all over Karnataka along with their animators participated in the convention. The Convention was inaugurated by Shri. Venkatareddy Mudnal, the MLA of Yadgir in the presence of Rev. Fr. Joyce Mathew SDB, the Provincial of Salesian Province Bengaluru, Rev. Fr. Chetan Machado, the National Secretary of the CCBI Youth Commission, Rev. Fr. Robert Simon, the National Salesian Youth Director, Rev. Fr. Clevon, the Youth Director of Gulbarga Diocese, Rev. Sr. Nirmala FMA, the Regional Auxilium Youth Director.

In keeping with the theme of the convention a lot of input sessions were organized in which the need for youth to be agents of peace and harmony was stressed. The convention also organized a reach-out programme and an Inter-religious dialogue based on the theme. The convention was also coloured with the usual Salesian style of action songs, yells, claps, cultural evening, camp fire, etc. The youth actively participated in the organization as well as the smooth conduct of the convention.

The convention was also visited by dignitaries like Mr. Avinash Menon the CEO of Yadgir, Mr. Martin, the Superintended of Police, Mr. Kurma Rao, the Deputy Commissioner and Rev. Fr. Joy Nedumpurath, the Director of BREADS Bengaluru who was also the President of the Valedictory ceremony of the convention.

It was heartening indeed to see the joy on the face of every participant for having been part of this spectacular gathering of so many youth from all over Karnataka.

Reach-Out Programme
One of the special features of the youth convention was the reach-out programme. The reach-out programme consisted of a cleanliness drive in certain parts of Yadgir town and planting of saplings in some villages around Yadgir. The participants were divided into different groups and were sent out to carry out the reach-out programme. Some groups went to the town and helped in cleaning market area, two bus-stands, a Government Hospital etc. The participants also staged a street-play in order to create awareness among the public about the importance of cleanliness. Other groups were sent to three different villages wherein the participants, along with the cleaning of the village school also planted new saplings in the school campus.

Mr Lokesh a film actor who was a brought up at street boys rehabilitation center in Bangalore, now a celebrity was centre of attraction and a great source of inspiration for all the youth gathered for the convention.

The participants were highly enthusiastic about the reach-out programme and they expressed their great joy in being part of the reach-out programme. They also suggested that such reach-out programmes should become characteristic features of Bosco Youth.

Inter-Religious Dialogue
An inter-religious dialogue forum was organized on the third and the last day of the convention. The representatives of various religions were present for the programme. Shri. P. Venugopal, the President of Shri. Ramakrishna Vivekanada Ashram spoke in general about the need for religious harmony in the world especially in India. The other spokespersons were, Sri. Vireshwar Swamy of Daswal Matt, Rev. Fr. Anil Prasad fom Gulbarga, Sri. B.K. Swathi of Brahmakumari Ashram and Sri. Sameer Ali. Each of the spokespersons spoke quite convincingly and emphasized the need for the youth to be firmly grounded in their religious beliefs and work towards religious peace and harmony. They also invited the youth to walk in the way of love and faith in the world, by which they will be able to initiate effectively the process of peace and harmony in the world. During the inter-religious dialogue there was also an opportunity for the youngsters to clarify certain doubts and raise some questions. The spokespersons were able to answer to their questions in a convincing manner to a great extent. The participants found this programme quite enlightening as well as beneficial to them.