Mandya Diocese

Emmanuel’16 Youth Convention

Bringing together parish youth of respective parishes and keep them all rooted to teachings of our lord Jesus Christ through catholic traditions has been the primary objective of the team. On those directions, efforts were put in, to conduct a 2 day residential youth convention bearing the name Emmanuel. Event Posters and banners were shared across parishes & mass centers along with personal messages to respective parish vicars.

Event planning was supplemented with intercessory prayers and fasting by prayer group led by Br. Saji and Central team youth members respectively. The venue chosen was St. Joseph’s Church Kalkere, whose vicar is also our beloved director Rev.Fr Saji Kalapurackal, MCBS. Familiarity of the premises complemented by away from city’s buzz, venue was a perfect place for all the parish youth to prayerful and feel secure & comfortable.

With the gathering of close to hundred youth members from different parishes, The event on 26-February-2016 was inaugurated by our beloved Protos Syncellus, Very Rev George Alluka along with our director Rev.Fr. Saji Kalapurackal MCBS, Mr. K Mathai(K.A.S), assistant commissioner of BBMP, Mr. Mathew Mampara, youth Animator of St.Josephs Church, Kalkere, Mr. Sajjen Mathew, Youth President of Mandya Diocese and Ms. Angel Joseph, Joint Secretary of youth, Mandya Diocese.

Inauguration followed by a Eucharistic Adoration led Rev. Fr. Jomon KochukaniyanParambil was a heavenly experience. The evening culminated with a short ice breaking session followed by dinner.

Day 2 started off with morning Praise and worship, followed by solemn high mass by His Grace Mar Antony Kariyil followed by an interactive session. After dispersing for breakfast, Rev. Fr. Jomon Kochukaniyan Parambil, engaged the youth with a session about youth’s role in church.

One session ended to welcome, powerful and blessed sessions by his grace Mar Raphael Thattil who convinced the youth that we were the children of god and heaven is our destination that we should strive for, unceasingly.

Then the youth were prepared for a worthy confession session by Bro. Saji and the evening ended with adoration by director Fr.Saji Kalapurackal MCBS.

Day 3 Started off with praise and worship, followed by a session on priesthood by Br.Saji. followed by a Session by Mr.CC Joseph who conveyed the necessity of a worthy catholic life.

The noon ended with an experience sharing by Mrs. Diana Joseph which closely touched every heart to trust more on almighty’s providence and never ending love.

Post lunch we thanked lord with a concluding mass by director rev.Fr. Saji Kalapurackal MCBS. The event concluded with a thanksgiving ceremony which was graced by syncellus very Rev. Fr. Mathew Koikara , who understood from the youth that, they were indeed happy and lucky to be invited and be a part of Emmanuel 2016,which did not fail to provide a god experience and mutual bonding for the growth of Catholic church and selfless principles for goodness of all fellow beings